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On December 30, 1980, the state of Florida issued corporation charter number 755695 to Hollingsworth Place Condominium Association. The Declaration of Condominium called for two residential buildings containing a total of eight residential units. The Declaration left open the option to, within three years, build a third residential building containing four residential units. So, sometime in 1981, the first two buildings were constructed. On June 24, 1982 the second amendment to the Declaration of Condominium was executed, paving the way for construction of the third building.

The first officers of the corporation were S. Douglas McKeel, serving as both president and vice president, and Michele McKean (now Noriega), secretary-treasurer. The members of the first board of directors were A. Kendrick Regnvall, S. Douglas McKeel, and Lois D. Olsen.

Polk County designated the original two buildings as A and B. Building A is located nearest to Success Avenue, and Building B is the middle building, currently. Building C is located nearest to the public alley and Belmar Street. Ad valorem tax bills will show that Polk County has assigned parcel IDs beginning with 24-28-19-238010 to Hollingsworth Place units.

The physical address of Hollingsworth Place is One Lake Hollingsworth Drive, Lakeland, Florida 33803. The latitude is 28.0275N, and the longitude is 81.9525W. The property is approximately 150 feet above mean sea level.

Viewed from the front of the property, the county designates the units within each building with numerical characters as shown in the following graphic. Yes, building C is on the left, when the property is viewed from the front.

Building C
Building B
Building A
  building-unit-layout (30K) building-unit-layout (30K) building-unit-layout (30K)

Viewed from the front of the property, the physical layout and numbering of the units are shown in the following graphic. This is the layout the United States Post Office also uses. The difference between Polk County's and the United States Post Office's designations can be confusing to folks.

Building C
Building B
Building A
  physical-building-C-unit-layout (31K) physical-building-B-unit-layout (32K) physical-building-A-unit-layout (34K)