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Parking Lot Upgrade - February 2010

IMG_0905 (1099K) IMG_0906 (1099K) IMG_0911 (1099K)
  Irrigation feed line ruptured and repaired Three of the bosses Dump truck delivering gravel
IMG_0912 (1099K) IMG_0913 (1099K) IMG_0914 (1099K)
  Laser Level Large sized gravel T-250 Bobcat
IMG_0926 (1099K) IMG_0930 (1099K) IMG_0931 (1099K)
  Using laser beam for leveling Flower bed extension Compactor and carbide saw
IMG_0932 (1099K) IMG_0936 (1099K) IMG_0937 (1099K)
  Pavers delivered on pallets Two key operatives Brazilian crew spreading sand in final preparation for paver installation
IMG_0939 (1099K) IMG_0941 (1099K) IMG_0942 (1099K)
  Pavers awaiting asphalt (black top) Pavers during installation Paver close-up
IMG_0946 (1099K) IMG_0950 (1099K) IMG_0954 (1099K)
  Harris garage preparation 1st strip of asphalt Beginning to asphalt Davis garage
IMG_0955 (1099K) IMG_0957 (1099K) IMG_0958 (1099K)
  Asphalt paving equipment in Davis garage Asphalt paving equipment
in rear parking lot
1.5 ton vibrating asphalt roller
IMG_0960 (1099K) IMG_0961 (1099K) IMG_0962 (1099K)
  Asphalt joins pavers in rear parking lot Dump truck and asphalt paving
machine in front of Ralston garage
New asphalt in front of Maniglia garage
IMG_0963 (1099K) IMG_0964 (1099K) IMG_0966 (1099K)
  New asphalt in front of Ralston garage Dump truck in front driveway Front drive preparation for asphalt paving
IMG_1018 (1099K) IMG_0971 (1099K) IMG_1015 (1099K)
  Extended flower bed finished Finished rear parking Lot New sod in dog walk area